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Landlord & Tenant Laws



Most of us live in or have lived in an apartment at some time in our lives. Others have been renters at other types of residences. Some times you have great landlords, other times you have slumlords. No matter the type of landlord or residence you rent, Oregon has some robust landlord-tenant laws to help protect you. Here at Stevens & Legal we can assist you with any of your landlord problems.





Do you have a problem with the apartment, such as rats or problems with the heat? Those can be habitability issues, which the law has specific remedies to help you either get the problem fixed, or perhaps allow you to move out.


Stevens & Legal has experience litigating these issues and going after bad landlords. We can walk you through how to potentially withhold rent until the issue is fixed, or negotiating an early termination to your lease. Best of all, if you win, the landlord has to pay for your attorney.


Unlawful Entries


As a general proposition, your landlord has to give you at least 24-hours advanced notice before they can enter your residence. There are many exceptions, but this actually happens far too often. In addition to the attorney's fees noted above, each improper entry entitles the resident to one-month's rent. We can help you hold your landlord accountable.





If you are a resident, your landlord has to maintain the entire complex to ensure no dangerous conditions. Failure to do so makes it relatively easy to force your landlord or their insurance company to pay for that injury, whether it be a fall or some other physical injury. You can even hold a landlord responsible for a dog bite by a dog owned by one of their tenants under certain circumstances.


We have experience both litigating and settling such claims. From Hillsboro to Beaverton to Tigard and across the Westside, let us assist you in getting justice.




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