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Also known as West Hills Development-land, Bethany is really more of a new community that grew up over an old rural area. The original settlers came from Switzerland, and a post office was established in 1878. The new Bethany was mostly developed by Arbor Homes’ parent company, West Hills Development, and for a long time it was mostly just housing.


In recent years commercial and retail has grown to meet the demand of some 20,000 residents. If you have been around long enough, the transportation infrastructure has not expanded enough to meet demand, demand that is exacerbated by the fact that most residents commute to work to places such as Portland or Nike, and many to Intel in Hillsboro.

For Bethany residents, we are a short drive away and ready to assist with your personal injury case, estate planning, employment case, diminished value, or most anything else.

Bethany Community Library

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