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Looking for a summer internship? Or an internship during any term? We may have an unpaid position for you. Flexible hours, and free parking!

Law school students can gain real-life, practical experience at a working law firm. Refine your research skills, learn to draft motions, learn to litigate. For paralegal students, you too will gain practical experience to put the theories you have learned in the classroom to the test.


We do not care about class ranks, or even your undergrad GPA. What counts is the effort and willingness to learn and improve.

You will gain practical experience in wills, personal injury, litigation, employment law (including final paychecks), construction law, landlord-tenant law, and more.

If you are interested, use the form below to send in your name and contact information, plus a brief blurb as to why you want to intern at Stevens & Legal.


Success! Message received.

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