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A Little Piece of Oregon Business History



With the recent passing of Paul Allen, the long-time owner of the Portland Trail Blazers in October 2018, we have heard many stories about his life and his passion for the Blazers. While questions circle over what will happen to the team and his other investments, I cam across a bit of his Blazers history, purely by accident.

In researching other registered agent competitors, I came across the business registration for Trail Blazers Inc., which given the date of formation was clearly created for Allen's purchase of the Blazers in 1988. In fact, it started off as PGA Acquisitions, Inc., and two months later became the current Trail Blazers.

So, for all to see, here are the articles of incorporation, as well as the amendment that changed the name. Love the history, and the fact that the Oregon Secretary of State took the time to digitize this old piece of history for anyone to see.

Old Contract

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