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Kemper v. Burrows Equipment
Employment Law: Gender Discrimination
Employee felt repeatidly discriminated against due to her gender, including not having a work uniform that male co-workers had. Settlement was for $100,000.
Carrick v. Nicholas Duffy
Landlord Tenant:​Improper Eviction and Failure to Return Property to Tenant
Landlord's agent Nicholas Duffy (born in 1983) changed the locks on the rental and did not allow tenant to re-enter or collect her property, nor return it until after the tenant sued Mr. Duffy. Judgment of $27,223.10 ordered by the court after a trial, which continues to increase due to interest since Mr. Duffy has refused to pay.
N.A. v. Deschutes Brewer, Inc.
Personal Injury: Allergic reaction
Minor began to eat a hamburger said to be gluten free after several notifications to the wait staff of the allergy. Bun on the hamburger was not gluten free, and child was taken to the hospital with anaphylaxis shock. Settlement was for $19,500.
F.S. v. P.N.​
Copyright: DMCA Take Down Notice
Within approximately 24-hours the defendant agreed to remove the copyrighted material.
Confidential v. Confidential
Employment: Final Paycheck
Obtained penalty wage agreement within approximately one-week of notice to the employer.
Y.L. v. R.H., et al.​
Personal Injury: Rear-end automobile collision
Took over the case after the lawsuit had been filed from prior counsel, and was able to get it settled within one-week. Settlement was for $15,000, or three times what the offer was to the prior attorney.
J.P. v. Allstate
Insurance Coverage: Property damage claim denied
Client's property damage claim was denied by the insurance company that advertises to watch out for cut-rate insurance companies. A simple letter for a fixed fee caused Allstate to accept the claim.
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