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The county seat, the Hub City, and since about 2006, once again the most populous city in Washington County. In fact, it is also now the fifth most populous in Oregon, and has a chance to overtake Gresham for fourth in the next ten years or so. The population probably has even surpassed 100,000, which would put it in the top 300 nationwide.


With such growth, as in it has nearly tripled in size in the last 30 years, come growing pains. One of those is a lagging transportation network that has not kept up with the growth of say Intel. Yes, Cornelius Pass Road, Cornell, 185th, and Brookwood are now mostly five lanes or more, but there are still holes that need to be filled. One hole is public safety along TV Highway to protect motorists and pedestrians alike. TV Highway is home to the 50th most dangerous intersection in Oregon with its intersection with SE Eleventh Avenue in downtown.


While the city continues to expand, it will likely absorb at least parts of Rock Creek, Aloha, West Union, and Reedville, plus the rest of Orenco, eventually sharing a border with Beaverton all the way from the Sunset down to Farmington Road. It may even head west and end up sharing a border with Cornelius. Meanwhile, it seems inevitable that with continued expansion at places like Genentech, Intel, Nike (which has a satellite campus in Tanasbourne and AmberGlen), and others, the city’s industrial area will creep closer and closer to Helvetia. But, keep in mind Hillsboro covers about 24 square miles, while Manhattan has less land and 1.5 million more residents, so it may only seem crowded.​

Whether you live in 97123, 97124, or even 97006 or another zip code absorbed by Hillsboro, we can help with your employment law, personal injury (dog bites, falls), and other needs.




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