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Tanasbourne, unlike many other place names around, was just made up by some developer back when the area was little more than empty fields. Over time, the area between Cornelius Pass Road and 185th (and a little more to the east) has slowly filled up, mostly with large apartment complexes. More recently a lot of retail has moved in, but a large section north of Evergreen remains under-developed after decades. In that time, the old Tanasbourne Mall was built, languished as too small and too dark, and eventually torn down in the early 1990s. As a child, Michael O. Stevens would ride his bike with his brother all the way out to that mall to visit the hobby store.


The area was also eventually annexed by Hillsboro in the late 1980s in a race against Beaverton, with Hillsboro keeping the old library until the new main branch opened on Brookwood. This is the one place where Beaverton and Hillsboro share a border, but in time that will likely grow as Rock Creek and Aloha are slowly subsumed.

Whether you live in 97124 or 97006, Stevens & Legal can help Tanasbourne residents like you with personal injury claims (dog bites, auto accidents), employment law questions, copyright issues, and we can also serve as your registered agent or register your trademark.




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Embassy Suites hotel in Tanasbourne
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