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(Tips for Hiring an Attorney)

"Wage Garnishment
Successfully helped me with my wage garnishment case with my previous employer. Very professional, detailed, and knowledgable. Easy to work with and and makes sure you are 100% involved with the process of the case. Highly recommend for any case."

"Michael Stevens is one of the most professional lawyers I have ever met."



"Very decisive, and Quick

Michael Stevens did a great job for me after my auto accident, swooping in at the last minute to rescue my case. Not only was he able to save the case, but he got me three times what had been offered to my old attorney and did it in under a week's time. He even came out to meet me closer to my home to make it easier on me."




"Great results

Mr. Stevens was able to help me with my minor accident. I wasn’t hurt, but he got me almost as much for the inconvenience and diminished value on my car as it cost to fix my bumper. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount I received!

He was very professional, kept me informed, and was quick at replying to my requests. He was very knowledgeable, and his job was detailed and very thorough."




"Awesome and professional lawyer!

Mr. Stevens did a wonderful job in handling my issue with the insurance company, who refused to cover the water damaged floor by fractured pipe. He first collected my complaints and communications with the insurance and developed 5-page "concrete and precise" letter to my insurance company. Then he followed up with his call to make sure the message was delivered. With additional calls, my insurance is willing to cover a significant portion of repair cost. I am truly happy over his professional and deligent service prorvided."




"Excellent Results

I contacted Michael Stevens over a copyright infringement/plagiarism issue and within less than 24 hours received a personal response from him. Michael makes it clear what the plan is, concise and very friendly, though we only communicated through back and forth emails. I am happy to say that he also delivered the results I was hoping for, within hours of the offending party's receipt of his notice of copyright infringement letter. Michael is now my go-to copyright lawyer for life."


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