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Registered Agent Services



The State of Oregon requires that all corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), and non-profit corporations have a registered agent. Assumed business name (ABN/DBA) registrations do not require a registered agent, but do require an authorized representative, which is similar to a registered agent.


Stevens & Legal is here to serve Westside businesses as your registered agent. We are also here to help prevent problems with our liability assessments and other services.




Why Stevens & Legal


  • Our prices are substantially less than what the national providers charge. Some charge hundreds of dollars per year for the same service.

  • The firm is located on the Westside in Tanasbourne. That means we are local, not some large, faceless East Coast conglomerate. You try to buy local, and this fits that need.

  • Stevens & Legal is paperless, which helps the environment. We scan all of the documents and shred as needed. 

  • Paperless is also an added convenience. No need to be home to receive the documents. We will also forward to your law firm if instructed at no extra charge for paperless delivery.

  • Using our firm helps to protect your privacy, as you do not need to then potentially list your home address. Since a registered agent has to have a physical address, neither post office boxes nor commercial mail services work. Though, recent changes do require a physical address for the principal place of business, and virtual offices are not allowed either.

  • Unlike your standard registered agent, we are a law firm. This means we can give you legal advice about the document you just received at special pricing.

  • Most mail these days is simply junk mail. In fact, most of the mail you will receive via a registered agent is junk mail, mostly credit card applications. We simply shred and recycle those with your consent.

  • Using a law firm as your register agent adds an air of sophistication to your company. That is, it can show you can afford a law firm.

  • Receive your first year free of our base package if you use Stevens & Legal to create your entity with the State of Oregon as part of our registration package.





Base Package* (for low volume): 

  • This plan works for most small businesses that do not receive many legal documents. No need to pay hundreds per year for a service that you rarely if ever use.

  • $45 per year (as of 1/1/2024).

  • Includes up to 100 pages of documents received per year (one-year is based upon date of registration with Stevens & Legal) via paperless delivery via either fax or email.

  • Additional pages at $0.10 per page.

  • Hardcopies can be forwarded at an additional cost of $1.25 per ounce upon request, via first class mail in the US for regular sized envelopes only.

Deluxe Package* (for high volume):

  • For larger businesses or other businesses that expect a large volume of legal documents, we have the right plan for you. You can even upgrade during the year if you like.

  • $70 per year.

  • Unlimited number of pages of documents received per year delivered paperlessly via either fax or email.

  • Hardcopies can be forwarded at an additional cost of $0.75 per ounce upon request, via first class mail in the US for regular sized envelopes only.


  • For non-profit corporations, we offer our Base Package for $20 per year. We believe in supporting the local community, and this is part of that commitment.

Bulk Discounts*

  • If you desire to have Stevens & Legal serve as your registered agent for multiple entities, we offer a volume discount. For the extra entities, it is $20 more for each additional entity after the first one. For example, at the base package, two entities would cost $60 per year, and three would cost $80 per year.

  • All other terms remain the same. As in, each entity would receive a full allotment of the number of pages for the package purchased. 


Privacy Protection Add-On*

  • With changes to Oregon's laws effective January 1, 2018, with HB 2191, we offer a limited privacy protection option. This is in addition to one of the plans noted above. Currently, all addresses provided to the Secretary of State become public record and are generally available via the internet. This package allows you to use the S&L address for the principal place of business and for all other address fields with the Oregon Secretary of State. It is limited to only use with the Oregon Secretary of State. This option is $20 per year, in addition to the other plan option. This is not a mail forwarding service nor is it a virtual office.



*See specific contract for further details. Prices subject to change; prices subject to increase in later years.


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